A supercar is a work of art in itself. Every curve, line, and aerodynamic element that sets it apart from the rest is what makes a vehicle unique. In a sea of conformists, the supercar is a rare breed. Its livery should embrace this same emotion with a personality of its own.

Owners of the Mosquito will have the option to select one of the unique liveries offered on this page, or create their own. Our only requirement is that it stands out from the rest. 

Submit Your Own

You design it. We upload it. Create your own livery for the Mosquito including the inspiration behind the design and we’ll feature your creation right here, with all credits due. Who knows, it may even come to life one day. 

Share your designs on the world wide web using the hashtag #mosquitolivery, then send us the raw image files at to be submitted for this page. 

Right-click to save the images and let the creative juices flow. 

Please include the side profile in your creations.



Featured Livery 

“De Havilland Throwback”

This livery is in recognition of the aircraft which the vehicle was named after. In the WWII era, it was one of the lightest and fastest operating aircraft. Flown primarily by the British, the plane was also frequented by a small fleet of Czech pilots.


"Paint Splash"

The paint splash theme perfectly embodies the Mosquito's artistic and racing spirits. We were inspired from the moment we came across the famous Graham Hill quote, "I am an artist. The track is my canvas, and the car is my brush." 

Livery by PS

"Yellow Fever"

Though the Mosquito is named after an aircraft, this theme can be directly attributed to the pesky insect. One of the most common transmitted diseases by Mosquitoes, the Yellow Fever virus is spread through the bite of an infected female Mosquito. At high speeds, this Mosquito may also induce chills, nausea, and a loss of appetite.


Pretty self-explanatory.

Livery by PS


A theme inspired by one of the leading networks for smart contract interoperatbility. The hexagon represents one of the multifaceted building blocks of the fourth industrial revolution.

Livery by Duck

"Italian Fury"

There is nothing quite like the passion and drive the Italians have for the automobile. Something about those red cars from Italy which always seem to catch the eye.

Livery by FR Liveries

What design would you love to see on a supercar?

Right-click to download and save any of the grey template images on this page. Share your designs on the world wide web using the hashtag #mosquitolivery, then send us the raw image files at to be submitted for this page. 

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